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Review Policy

What I Read and Review:

I specifically read YA books. My favorite genres from YA are Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Supernatural, Chick-lit, and Paranormal books. Sometimes Sci-fi too. Also I occasionally enjoy adult books in the same genres. I do not particularly enjoy reading Non-fiction, or Memoirs/Biographies.

How I Review:

In my review, I will post the title, the author, as well as a summary of the book (Usually form the inside cover, or from the author’s website). I rate from a 1 to 5 (1 being the worse, 5 being the best). I write honest reviews and I state my opinions clearly. I will do my best to highlight the part and elaborate.

How Long It Will Take For Me To Review:

When I receive a book for Review, I like to post my review within one to two months of receiving the book, but it mostly depends on the school year. My studies come first, so reviewing may not always be timely. Of course, if you would like me to have review a book by a certain time, just let me know for I can adjust my schedule. If the book is an ARC, I will try to review the book in the month of the release date, in most cases before the book is released or shortly after.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I look forward to reading. Please contact me at: EternalNight06@gmail.com