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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cover Release: Misguided Angel (A Blue Bloods Novel)

How hot does this cover look? It is so much better than the first 4 books in the series. I have the first 3 books but sadly I have not read them yet. I know, I know. How crazy am I that I did not read it. How ever I am on my spring break, and once I finish all my Homework- boring (Zzzzzzzz)- I will be reading until my head explodes.

So what do you think?



  1. Hey!

    You have an awesome site that I am now following ... loving this blog hop (",).

    Have a great day!


  2. Hey Chic-A-Dee

    I haven't seen this cover!! I'm so loving it, I saw a pic of a Blue Bloods cover and it looked really kool,but it's different from the one on your site. I wish I could remember where I saw..once I do I'll send you a link.

    Love the blog