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Thursday, May 13, 2010

YA Bloggers Debut Book Battle Round 1: Bracket 3~ Winner


About~ Solange Drake always knew she was destined to become a vampire queen. And as the only female vampire ever born, not made, she is surrounded by danger on all sides- from vampire suitors who want to join with her lineage to bounty hunters are set on destroying her and her family. When she is kidnapped, it’s up to her older brother Nicholas and her human best friend, Lucy, to save her. But can Lucy save herself from Nicholas, who tempts her with every look? And what will be Solange’s own fate if she surrenders her heart to the vampire hunter helping her survive to deadly intrigue at the royal court?

About~ Q: How many zombies does it take to ruin a social life?

A: Not many.

Megan Berry is a zombie settler by birth, which means she’s part-time shrink to a whole bunch of semi-dead people with killer issues. All Megan really wants is to go to homecoming, but when you’re trailed by a bunch of slobbering corpus whenever you leave the house, it’s kind of hard to score a date. Let’s just say Megan’s love life could use some major resuscitation.

Megan’s convinced her life can’t get any worse-until someone in school starts using black magic to turn average, angsty Undead into scary, hardcore flesh-eating Zombies. Now it’s up to Megan to stop the zombie apocalypse. Her life-and more importantly, the homecoming dance-depends on it.

Hearts At Stake
and You are so Undead to Me were both fun to read. It was very hard to choose between those two books because they are both very similar. Both the main characters in both books do not want to accept their fate and do what they were destined to do. But one of the many differences is that one of the books is about vamps and the other is about zombies. But I am glad to say, that my partner and I have decided that the winner of Bracket 3, Round 1 for the YA Bloggers Debut Book Battle 2010 is............

Hearts At Stake by Alyxandra Harvey

Want to find out the rest of the winners of round 1? Visit Alyssa at The Shady Glade.


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