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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Mortal Instruments Series......

I know alot of people who love The Mortal Instruments series, and they would just die by hearing this news. The Mortal Instruments series will have 6 books! How cool is that. The three new books are, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, and City of Heavenly Fire. Now I for one, own the first two books to the series, but I have not yet read them. But hopefuly, I will quite soon. On Cassandra Clare's web site, she recommends readers to read Clockwork Angel before reading City of Fallen Angels, because some characters from Clockwork Angel will show up, but it's not required. The covers have yet to been revealed, but when they do, I will post them on my blog. Happy Reading!!

City of Fallen Angels will be out April 2011.
City of Lost Souls will be out May 2012.
City of Heavenly Fire will be out September 2013.

Click here for Cassandra Clare Web Site.
Click here for Cassandra Clare Blog.
Click herefor The Mortal Instruments Web Site.


  1. I read about this earlier but it is really exciting news! I haven't read The Mortal Instruments series yet, I'm saving them for when I get stuck in a lull of bad novels. Then, I'm breaking these suckers out!

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog and that is great news! I have the first 3 books and am almost finished with the 2nd one. I love them so far. Awesome Sci-fy read.